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Finally! A guide to help women rediscover their purpose,
reignite their passion, and redesign their lives – at any age.

During the last decade, our lives have gone from ho hum to hooray, from challenging to purpose-charged, from flat to fantastic – frankly, from ordinary to outrageous! We’d like to share with you the stories of our transformation and the steps you can take to create your own outrageous life in our life-changing book, I Want What She’s Got! The Secrets of Creating an Outrageous Life.

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Are you sleepwalking through your life? Plodding through your daily routine – work, kids, carpool, church, chores – then falling into bed exhausted and empty, only to wake up and repeat the process again the next day? Or are you, like Bette was, just passing the time until you die?

We’re here to guide you to choose your own outrageous life!

Or maybe you have felt a little flutter deep within yourself that life could be different, that you could be different. That maybe there is still more for you to do and be and experience. That there is still time for you to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

We’re here to inspire you to create your outrageous life!

Perhaps you have lived an outrageous life in the past, but have somehow gotten off track. Sometimes life can derail you, leaving you tired and confused. Sometimes your definition of outrageous will even change, forcing you to reinvent yourself. Think back. Do you remember that feeling of excitement – the tingling in your belly, the buzzing in your mind, the warmth in your heart – that you felt every day?  

We’re here to help you reclaim your outrageous life!

Vonnet Lephiew“This is a must read for women who need to know and understand, there is life after divorce.”
- Vonnet Lephiew, Administrative Director
Women of Wealth and Worth Transformational Events,

Patty Cepeda“This is a bestseller! It’s motivational and inspirational, it’ll make you laugh and cry, and it will also make you think. So many can relate who’ve fallen victim to “settling” for what life’s dished them. Bette’s story will inspire others to investigate their purpose and live life to the fullest, to the very end. This masterpiece is action packed and an easy read…one you can’t put down! I am honored to know Bette as a friend, business partner, and spiritual mentor. Bette is a woman who loves the Lord and lives her life to honor Him. A true example. I am blessed to be part of her life and look forward to many more years of wild fun and prosperous times. You are truly an inspiration to so many…an example to follow.”
- Patty Cepeda, business coach
author, www.ibelieveyoucan.com

Renata Lee“In the years that I have known Bette, I have always found her to be one of the most authentic and real people that I know. Her authenticity definitely shines in this book. I have watched Bette’s growth over the past few years and her transition has been no less than amazing. She is truly living a dream life and is an inspiration to us all! I know that many will read Bette’s story and know that they too can begin the journey to their best life!”
- Renata Lee, Isagenix Millionaire

Building your own outrageous life is easier than you think. I started down the path to my outrageous life at age 62, when for no good reason I thought I was dying. I was perfectly healthy but thought that I would die soon because I was nearing the age of my parents’ deaths. So I slowly let my spirit wither.

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.”
– Richard Bach

It took courage – and a catalyst – to get me moving on the path of my outrageous life. (You can learn all about it when you download the first chapter of our book below with our compliments.) But once I was off and running, no one could stop me. Since then I’ve rekindled my passion for life, discovered my purpose, built a million dollar business, regained my health and vibrancy, and deepened my relationships with God, friends, and family. And now as a septuagenarian, I have no plans for slowing down.

What do you want your outrageous life to look like? Are you:


Kathy Coover“Bette proves that anyone that puts their mind, energy, passion, and focus into something they believe in, magic will happen. This is an example of the unlimited possibilities we all have. You are a role model for others to follow. Thank you for setting the pace.”
- Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President,
Isagenix® International LLC

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to have Kathie in my life as a friend and business partner. The story in this book is a true testament to a family’s love and respect for one another through difficult times. Kathie brings energy and possibilities into the lives of others. Everyone learns from experiences and the lessons Kathie and Bette share in this book make it a “must read” for all.”
- Gale Bates, International Business Coach & Trainer,

“It is strange that I am at the age now that our author was when she decided to live and not wait to die. I can definitely relate to what she said in her book. At 62 you can look at your life and see more time behind you than you know you have before you. That thought alone can make you only exist and wait for death to take you. Sad but true.
I read this book in one evening. The author bears her heart and tells of her turn-around in her life, her past, and the start of a fresh new beginning. She is open and honest with her words, straight forward and often humorous. She gives you insight, direction and purpose and she gives you a shot of faith, deep encouragement in God and the help He can give to you.

There are questions throughout the book for you to answer. They aren't hard questions, but ones that will make you think and search within yourself for the true answers. I also loved her daughter’s part in this book. She is quite a courageous woman and adds just the right amount of wisdom to round off her mother's words. Interesting, honest, encouraging, and a book that will put you on the road to victory. Very well done, great job ladies. Recommended for anyone who wants a fresh, bright future.”
- Shirley Priscilla Johnson, author/reviewer

Part of our purpose in writing this book is to become a catalyst for you – to help you find your inner fire, fulfill your purpose, and create your outrageous life.

You see, our stories could be the stories of any woman. With faith, things converged to help us create our outrageous lives – outstanding health, satisfying relationships, profitable businesses, passion-filled days – and this could happen for any woman at any age.

It is EVERY woman’s story! And that’s what we want to share – the ability to become inspired and build your own, personal outrageous life – with you and every woman.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, WOW!!! What a ride!” – Author Unknown

When you invest in yourself, the returns are, quite literally, amazing. Just by investing some time reading this book, rekindling your inspiration, and rejuvenating your spirit, you can begin to craft your own outrageous life.

We invite you to make that investment in yourself and your own happiness right now by downloading a free chapter of our book,I Want What She’s Got! The Secrets of Creating an Outrageous Life.

You see, if you long for something more out of your life, whether you are 14 or 40 or 84, you deserve the chance at achieving it. If you are honestly considering what your contribution to this world is, what legacy you are leaving behind, then this book can help you craft that contribution. If you are called to live a life filled with love, sharing, and purpose, then this book can help you.

We’ve written this book to fulfill our own purpose and to be the catalyst that so many women need these days. We hope to inspire and share love and to model what the purpose-filled life can look like. We are building our legacy by helping one woman at a time and we want the next woman to be YOU.

Please accept our risk-free invitation to transform your life into just the outrageous, amazing, miracle that you crave. Download a free chapter of our book today and kick start your outrageous life.

Just enter your name and email address into the form, and your free chapter will be delivered directly to your inbox. (And don’t worry – we’ll never spam, rent, or sell your information. That’s just wouldn’t be our kind of outrageous.)

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“Pinch yourself. Are you still breathing? Then there is more than you have yet dreamed about, and it lies just outside the boundaries where you live now. Thinking that you are too impaired, too old, too anything is a lie that has outlived its time. Your life until now is just prelude for the next chapter, and I Want What She's Got tells you how to turn the page.”
- Sandra Sandy Frame Anderson

“What an inspirational read!  The perspective differs from much of the training and I done, yet the workbook format with personal life sharing help to pull the concepts together for immediate practical application.  A book worh stharing.”
- Janelle Buzzell, Buzzell & Company

Judy Campbell"What a wake up call this book has been!  As I have read through these chapters I have said, 'Hey, that’s me!  That’s where I’ve been living!  I think I am beginning to understand!' And at times, 'That’s exactly what I feel.’

I felt just like the frog that sat in a state of unawareness while the heat under the pot was slowly and continually turned up till he was ‘toast’, (or literally boiled).  I found myself in a state of mind where I couldn’t even identify what was wrong  much less become aware of the transition that got me there.  If I didn’t know, how could I even begin to fix or change anything?

As I read the book, I came to realize I had been living without hope.  How dismal!  Both present and future!  By acting on the wisdom I found in this amazingly short read, I turned a corner that has  put me on the road to wholeness.

Those who coached me in my business would tell me, ‘Don’t identify a problem if you aren’t willing to bring a solution along with it.’  That is exactly what Bette and Kathie do in 127 pages.  They take Brian Klemmers challenge to recharge, (not burnout) to refire (not retire) and revive (not let die) what is with in you and offer ways for you to not only grasp these possibilities but to make them your own.

What a blessing and particularly a privilege to be able to recommend this priceless book.  You will be blessed as you too pick out these gems and make them your own."
- Judy Campbell, Associate
Isagenix® International LLC

We wrote this book with you in mind – your challenges, your special gifts, your desire to live an extraordinary life. Thank you for spending this part of your precious life with us.

Make yours an outrageous life!
Kathie Nelson and Bette James Laughrun

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P.S. You are never too old (or too young) to get started creating your outrageous life. Download your free chapter of the book I Want What She’s Got! The Secrets of Creating an Outrageous Life today!